On-Page SEO Techniques For Sureshot Ranking in 2021

  1. User experience : Responsive Mobile Friendly Website
  2. Create good and rich content
  3. Make sure your site is maintaining a standard of professionalism.
  4. Use copywriting techniques: Means nobody can copy your website content.
  5. Meta Title : length to under 65 characters.
  6. Post Permalink Structure
  7. Heading Tags : H1 to H6
  8. Use Table of content in wordpress : use 5000 words.
  9. Keyword Density : keep the keyword density around 1.5% percent with a mix of LSI keywords
  10.  Meta Tags
  11. Images with Alt Text with meaningful name
  12.  Paragraph Words Count : Not more than 1300 words
  13.  Add Schema: Create structured data
  14. Internal linking
  15. External Links : create external links on trustworthy websites
  16.  Use breadcrumbs
  17.   Sitemap


Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about On-Page SEO Techniques. It is very interesting and helpful post for all of us. [by Vedant Bajpai]

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